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We Provide Best Fishing And Aqua Services

We are in the significant opportunities for water and wastewater treatment contracts within our Aqua division, as well as products and systems for land-based farming, industry and fisheries.

  • The Africa Leads the Way
  • A Feeding Farmed Fish
  • We Serving Up Seaweed
  • New Options From Startups
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  • Tackling a Seafood Deficit

How it works

How We Do Fish Farming

At Aqovo, We completely following the strict & hygienic process for the Aqua Farming & service worldwide

Design depends on the type of species to be rear
Fish farming is quite expensive investment quickly
All fishes need to feed growing healthy & rapidly faster
This is done using either a net or draining away water

Aqua Farm Services With Global Reputation.

We Provides Best Fish Farmers
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The Fishes
farming supplies


A Water
Filtration Systems

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